Our Policies

KGZR-LP Underwriting and Sponsorship Policies

Sponsorship of the station or of particular program is called underwriting. Underwriting messages are available on KGZR-LP. View our underwriting packages here.

The community radio audience prefers the non-commercial “sound” of sponsorship announcements. The key to an effective response to your sponsorship campaign(getting the word out about your business/non-profit) is simply how frequently listeners hear your spot or see your logo ands link on our page. The uncluttered sound environment of community radio and audience loyalty help to provide for higher retention and response from the listener.

Programming on Ground Zero Radio, KGZR-LP Radio differs from that on commercial radio. Likewise underwriting/sponsorship announcements differ from commercials. Underwriting/sponsorship announcements acknowledge a donation made to the station by a sponsor. FCC regulations currently allow the sponsor to provide listeners with important information about their businesses, products, and services. In sponsorship acknowledgements, after your company’s name you can use words that may include:

• general location of your business (ex.: on the Square, landmark)

• trade names, product names, or service listings (ex.: Wright’s Heating & AirConditioning, sales, repairs & service. Authorized Trane dealer.)

• event information (grand opening, open house, anniversary, etc.)

• factual, value-neutral descriptions of products and services

• length of time your company or non-profit has been operating

• established slogans that identify without promoting (ex.: GE brings goodthings to life.)

• contact information, including web site

Non-commercial sponsored announcements may not exceed 15 seconds in length. (Nonprofits in some circumstances may have access to another maximum length.) These non-commercial sponsored announcements are a great way to show support for KGZR-LP and are designed to run through-out the course of a week.

All spot copy submitted is subject to the review and approval of Ground Zero Radio Project management. Approved copy will be voiced with you or by station personnel.